Celler Masroig.
Our soul, the vineyard

Do Montsant


All products made at Celler Masroig come from the land. They are like the children of the men and women who cultivate it, following age old farming traditions.

Our base

Solà Fred

Welcome. The young wines of Celler Masroig who represent the foundations and typicity of the native varieties of Montsant.

The essence of artisan wine


The safe bet, an authentic wine. The unique expression of our Grenache, located in the south of Montsant.

The intuition of the earth

Les Sorts

We remain faithful to our origins. Because beyond a wine, we are an attitude, we are heirs to a tradition. Since 1917 we haven't stopped searching and today OUR LUCK is our work.

Wines of La Serra de Llaberia


Characteristic wines from our highest Grenache wines, located at the foot of the Sierra de Llaberia.

The ecological


A wine that pursues the responsibility and sustainability of a unique environment, full of character.

Plot wine


The roots that define our people. A limited and unique edition, made with selected grapes from our best and most select old Carignan vineyards.

First of the year

Vi Novell

A wine more than young. He who, year after year, returns to remind us of our origins. It tells us that we must not forget customs, that wine must be a celebration, party and tradition.

The wine of the day to day

Bag in Box

The wine that accompanies us in the small everyday moments.

Extra virgin olive oil





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